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Broadleaf Homes Are Proudly Accredited

premier guarantee

At Broadleaf Homes, we pride ourselves on high quality craftsmanship and as a family-run business, we take great satisfaction in seeing the building process through, from fruition to completion. In line with our values and ethical standards, we believe that continued education and improvement is imperative to our continued success, and to securing our place as East Anglia’s foremost home builder. Today we want to share some of our affiliation’s and accreditation’s with you, as well as explain what they mean, and why they are so important to us as developers and to those who live in our homes. 

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

With origins dating back to 1792, RICS is now a global organisation bourne from rapid industrialisation across the world, and the need to counterbalance expansion with stringent checks. The first RICS office on Great George Street in London is still used today as their headquarters, and the professional body has offices in every significant financial market.  

With social impact coupled with the sustainability of our planet at the forefront of its standards, RICS encourage and promote the highest professional standards in the domain of building and infrastructure. RICS comprehensive sector standards mean that Broadleaf Homes are pleased to be held to a higher standard in our working areas of expertise such as, 

  • the land that we acquire 
  • construction 
  • building control 
  • valuation 

We think that the following video nicely showcases RICS and the breadth of their scope.  

Premier Guarantee

All Broadleaf Homes come with a Premier Guarantee, which is your peace of mind as a new homeowner. Lasting for 10 years, the guarantee comes off the back of guidance given to us to ensure that building standards are met through each construction phase. Along with other support networks for us as industry professionals, such as technical support and product approval, quality driven inspections help us to deliver exceptional homes with quality in mind.  

Sometimes referred to as latent defects insurance, the structural warranty that Premier provides is a requirement for a mortgage on a new build home. If an approved warranty is not in situ, a mortgage company may not release the funds. It is imperative when looking at new homes that you are aware of the cover and guarantees that are in place as you do not want to be searching for information at a later stage in the process. There is so much to consider when buying any home and our accreditation with Premier Guarantee, which is underwritten by A rated insurance companies, gives you reassurance and confidence that from the foundations to the roof coverings, checks are in place and work is completed to the very highest standard. To understand more about Premier’s structural warranty cover, take a look at their guidance here

Home Builders Federation (HBF)

The Home Builders Federation is a trade body and essentially a voice to house builders in England and Wales. With guidance being frequently updated and government targets to account for, the HBF looks after our interests at both regional and national levels. Representation is so vast that the HBF members build approximately 80% of all new homes. That is a big deal and we are proud to be a member of an organisation so ingrained in all aspects of our day to day work. HBF members benefit from a range of activity and policy work, which is so widespread. From a technical perspective they can be keeping us up to date as members, consulting or responding to changes relating to anything from building regulations to health and safety.  

Crucially, for home buyers the HBF have helped to design and collaborated on a list of rules for home builders to adhere to, all aimed at making the buying process for purchasers of new homes, fair, transparent and secure. The Consumer Code can be viewed here. We enjoy being part of an organisation who informs and champions our professional needs but who also demonstrate commitment to new home buyers through initiatives such as, the National New Homes Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which is among some of the most in depth and long standing research of it’s kind in this country, provides reassurance to buyers due to the high response and satisfaction rates.