Environmental Awareness When Building


From COP26 to carbon emissions, you would have found it hard to miss the news recently, centred around climate change and energy efficiency. The fact is that humans are making the world warmer because of fossil fuel emissions. At Broadleaf Homes, we are aware of the environment and our responsibility to take care of it. We are continually assessing our impact and looking at ways to make our next build even more efficient. 

The UK has committed to net zero emissions by 2050, which means that the way that we all operate at the moment will need to change. Homes are said to account for 14% of carbon emissions, mostly because of gas boiler systems and poor insulation. The Government’s plan is that by 2035, all new heating systems installed will be low carbon. A YouGov poll last month, found that 3 out of 5 people in the UK, had not heard of or barely knew anything about heat pumps. Heat pumps are are way of lowering your carbon footprint by moving away from traditional boilers, which are fuelled by gas or oil. There are different types of heat pumps such as air source and ground source. Air source heat pumps are less disruptive than installing one underground, so we anticipate that these will become more well known to the public as time goes on. At a high level, an air source heat pump works a bit like a fridge in reverse. Using heat from the air and a compressor to raise the temperature, the pump then transfers the heat to your system. As we mentioned in Our Guide To Buying A New Home, our industry follow stringent guidelines relating to energy efficiency. Any heating system will be much more effective if the building is well insulated, so that heat cannot escape. 

Meanwhile, away from the home, cars and taxis accounted for 16% of UK emissions in 2019. Most of us are aware of and may well know someone who drives an electric or hybrid vehicle. It is projected that by the end of 2021, one in ten cars in the UK will be electric. Home builders like us can certainly monitor these trends and understand if buyers want new homes to include electric vehicle charging points either as standard or as an optional extra. 

As an award winning home builder, we always operate with the environment in mind wherever we can. We work with local partners in order to reduce a negative environmental impact as much as we can. Supporting local business and reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing materials within East Anglia has always been part of the Broadleaf ethos. We always carefully consider all of the kinds of life in an area that we will be working in and this biodiversity is featured in our planting around a site. Trees play an enormous role in removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere and it is important to us to create developments that include green spaces. 

If want to hear more about Broadleaf Homes and our commitment to building responsibly, then please get in touch