Our Guide To Buying A New Build Home

home buying guide

Buying a property can be exciting, overwhelming and an overload of information all in one go! Many buyers have never bought a newly built house or flat before, and don’t know what to expect, or indeed understand the benefits of doing so. If this is you, then we aim to make the process clearer, explain the advantages of buying a new build property, and help you to understand some of the terms that you may have seen in literature and online. 

Firstly, what is a new build property? It is important to know the difference between a renovation and a new home, so that when you are looking for a property you can be sure to engage your estate agent, and be in line to receive property details, alerts and brochures that are relevant to your search. A new build property can be one that has reached completion, be part way through or is about to start being built. You may also have the option of buying off plan, which is where the developer will have a series of plans that you can review before the home is built. Therefore the point of purchase can even sometimes be years before the property is built and completed. A new home is brand new and has never been lived in. 

Buying a new home has many advantages, one of the biggest draws is that fact that you are the first person/people to ever live there. It is up there with buying a brand new car in terms of the feeling of having a commodity that no one else has used before you. You would also expect a much lower level of maintenance when you move in, compared to an older property. Newly built homes are built to stringent energy efficient standards, which lower the running costs to you, the buyer. A great example is insulation, which is easy to install as part of a build and can greatly reduce heating costs, compared to an older style property. 

Whether you buy off plan or part way through the build, a new home can be customised via fixtures and fittings to suit your needs and your taste. Developers vary, so it is a great idea to communicate what you would like and to ask questions. As a family run business, we are extremely hands on at Broadleaf Homes and work to meet buyers needs where we can. Of course, the earlier in the build process you engage with us, your home builder, the more scope there is to personalise your new home. Some examples of the ways that we have worked with our buyers in the past to offer a bespoke service are for floor coverings and kitchen worktops. 

As with most new items that you buy, a new home should come with a guarantee, which lasts for 10 years. All Broadleaf Homes come with a Premier Guarantee and you will need this in place to secure a mortgage. You can read more about the Premier Guarantee and our other accreditation’s and affiliation’s here

We like this Which video, which summarises the house-buying process for those who are new to it or need a reminder. The high level steps for buying any home are broadly the same and we always encourage people to do their research before committing to any property purchase. 

Our latest development, St Andrews Gardens in the village of Scole, near Diss, is getting fantastic feedback and at the time of writing this article, we have sold 75% of the plots. Comprised of 18 terraced, semi-detached and detached homes, there truly is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a family home, are a first time buyer or are looking to downsize. Our remaining plots make up the final phase of the development and will be ready for occupants early next year. 

With no upward chain, the benefits of buying a brand new home could make the process even easier for you. When making a life changing large investment, it is great to be armed with as much knowledge as possible. Hit the button below to read about Broadleaf Homes’ latest build and to download a brochure.