What To Look For When Buying A Family Home

family home buying guide

Buying a family home can often be a goal for many, overwhelming for some and like searching for a needle in a haystack for others. Having lived with family or friends, rented or owned property before, buying a home that is often deemed a ‘forever home’, with the connotation being for some people that they will raise a family and grow old at this property. So with big dreams and looking way into the future, comes a real sense of responsibility to get it right. That is where we come in. We want to explore what it is that people need help with in our experience, and to guide them with some suggestions of what to look out for, as well as things that they can research. 

2021 surveys like the UK Homebuyer Wishlist have seen some trends compared to 2019 (pre Covid 19), such as more importance being placed on having an outdoor space and it being critical to have broadband and mobile connectivity. The latter having become a priority for home buyers over the presentation of the property and whether it requires work or decoration. 

A family home can mean different things to different people. Large or small, the size of the home will be something that you will have thought about, according to the number of people who will be living there. You may be buying a home to grow into or conversely, your family already exists and you are moving from a space that you have outgrown. You budget will undoubtedly be an element that you have considered and likely researched, as what you can afford is at the heart of any new home search. There is so much more to consider than the size of the home and the price… 

How Will You Use The Space?

Being able to visualise how you will use a new space, at a high level, will afford you some insight into what will work for you and what may not. If one of your family members works at home and you are presented with an open plan area, you will need to think about where there is space for an office. A musical family with multiple people playing instruments may want more rooms to separate out. Outdoor space is a great consideration too and this can be another ‘room’ for some families who adapt a garden to work more for them. We appreciate that buying a home to grow into is more challenging as you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Looking at the rooms and the floor plan rather than what they may be shown or being used as now is always useful. So a games room, could make a great playroom and an upstairs office could be a fantastic nursery. The more thought that goes into the use of the space that you can afford, the more likely you are to be happy with your purchase. However, be open minded as many a homeowner ended up with something differnent than they envisaged! 

The Area And What You Need

It is important to note what you require now and what you anticipate needing in the future. From transport links to schools, we recommend that you do your research. While you are likely to consider the scenario that you are in now, it is advisable to look at the infrastructure and what you may need further down the line. So if you have a young family you will likely look at nursery and primary schools and what is in the catchment area. Taking the time to look at secondary and further education is also worth it, as it will be upon you before you know it! It can help to read the Ofsted Reports of the schools in the area, in order to ensure that they are what you are looking for. What kind of place do you and your family want to live in? Do you want green space nearby or access to entertainement, resturants and bars? 

Quality On Every Level

We pride ourselves on crafting quality homes that are built to last and it is important that you factor the quality of the property and any fixtures that are included, into your home search. While a home may include appliances, if they are used, you may want to test them to ensure that that are in good working order. At our latest development St Andrew’s Gardens, we use Neff appliances as standard. Our houses can have fibre optic broadband connectivity ensuring that whether for business, education or socially, our buyers can function online as we know that this is very important. We have created a handy checklist below to help you to navigate buying your family home and we wish you every success. 

Our Checklist

  • Visualise the space that you need. 
  • How does the area work for you now and in the future? 
  • Consider any amenities that you need and how far you are prepared to travel for them. 
  • How will you meet new people if you are moving to a new area? 
  • Separate your requirements into wants and needs. 
  • Manage your budget and calculate any work that may need to be done on the home. 
  • Does the commute work for you? 
  • Are you happy with the journey to school and to kids clubs? 
  • Do you feel safe in the area? 
  • Analyse the quality of the home and any fixtures that are included. 
  • Ask lots of questions.